Sunday, April 28, 2013

La Belle Artisan Candles

Thank you for choosing La Belle Artisan candles.  All of our candles, air fresheners and wax tarts are hand crafted to ensure you receive the finest quality products imaginable.  So why buy La Belle?  The answer is simple…quality products that will exceed your expectations as compared to store bought products.   It’s like comparing that homemade chocolate cake to the box cake you buy in the store.  It’s sweet, it’s moist but there is just no comparison to the homemade, fluffy cake made one ingredient at a time! 

Please visit our website for the full line of products we offer.  La Belle Artisan Candles is confident that once you try a La Belle Artisan candle, air freshener or wax tart you will keep coming back for more. We value you as a customer and would appreciate you sharing your La Belle Artisan Candle experience with friends, family and neighbors. 


Monday, January 21, 2013

New Website In Progress

We have had a successful Christmas season.  So much so, we have our own website.  Visit us today at